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The new way to sell Enterprise SaaS 

Ironically there's nothing new about the new way to sell software to enterprises, in fact its the way enterprise software sellers have always worked.:
You have to build and maintain a trust relationship with the KEY decision makers, recommenders and influencers BEFORE trying to sell your wares. 
The only significant change to this strategy in todays Enterprise  SaaS world is that, where as in days gone by a software vendor just needed to maintain a trust relationship with the CTO, todays SaaS Decision makers will most likely be LOB executives in addition to the CTO. 
That's a whole lot of trusted relationships to build and maintain, not all of which will immediately pay off, which takes time and time is the one thing you haven't got.
Introducing GH.M Innovation Associates
Most start ups like to hire young, keen energetic talent that will work all night for sweat equity and use any spare personal time to maintain their social media network and occasionally actually meet a fellow human being in the flesh for a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato.
GH.M Innovation Associates are completely and utterly different. A typical innovation associate is a mature, semi retired industry executive that has already established C-Level trust relationships that go back to before you were born. They will have worked in your target industry for an entire career and, rather than just a network, they have long standing professional friendships. They work to their own schedule and wont break a sweat for anything other than their garden and they don't care about how their coffee comes so long as its decaf. An Innovation Associate can make more impact on your business in leisurely 18 holes than a thousand witty tweets from your millennial marketers.
How to hire a GH.M Innovation Associate
You don't !
GH.M Innovation Associates are not here to represent you to their contacts, they exist to let their contacts know about all the innovations that are coming onto the market from a broad range of industry relevant start ups. This is why they are credible, this is why they are valuable and this is why they have the right to make welcomed calls to senior decision makers in your target markets.
Their job is to know about the innovations that matter and succinctly inform their contacts about what is out there without the clients having to do their own research or take unsolicited call from unknown vendors. Working through a trusted adviser provides a level playing field for innovators where solution relevance, rather than marketing effectiveness, is the criteria for successfully selling SaaS to enterprises. 
The question is therefore. how do you ensure that the GH.M Innovation associates represent your products as accurately and effectively as possible.
How to get listed
The good news is, you are probably listed already ! ( depending upon your marketing effectiveness) 
A GH.M Innovation Associate's role as trusted adviser means that they should be aware of your company already and have a basic awareness of what you do. 
To be really effective, however, we have a premium service that allows you to pitch and present to the associates covering your target markets. You can then be confident that they completely "get it" and can speak meaningfully and authoritatively about your offerings to their contacts.