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Free Inftrastructure Sanity Check

The chances are that if you are launching a software business you consider yourself a tekky ? Building beautiful, feature rich, user friendly applications is an art and we salute you.

It would be unusual that someone highly skilled in front end development is equally skilled in back end infrastructure technologies, so please forgive our offer to sanity check your IT.

Scalability only matters when you are successful, when the growth curve starts to hockey stick. This is the same point in time that you are most visible, the moment when, as Growth Hackers, we would be both congratulating ourselves on our marketing success and demanding that we boast to the market about the size of our user base and the loyalty of our users to drive even more growth. 

Success makes you visible and vunerable.


The one thing you don't want in your hour of glory is to have to re-architect the back end. At best, a poorly architected infrastructure will cause you to over-spend on servers and middleware. At worst it breaks, your service becomes unusably slow or even unavailable and all that hard won love and loyalty turns inside out and becomes an equally large, loud mob baying for blood. 

Free ? You don't get owt for nowt !

As you will have learned on your growth hacking journey, it is important to build trust before expecting a customer to part with money. We understand and respect that, as an entrepreneur, you are no different. Indeed, with all the other expenses of launching your product, you are less likely than most to risk paying for advice that doesn't immediately affect your bottom line. 

From our point of view, we are happy to invest a little time and share some knowledge garnered over decades of working on the infrastructure of some of the worlds most demanding ecommerce and gaming sites in order to ensure you are successful enough to pay our fees for the actual work we are confident you will commission us to do when you are ready.