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Growth is about far more than merely selling more product to increase revenues, every aspect of your company needs to be able to scale in line with your increasing market success.  The most significant challenge being managing and motivating the additional people that are required to maintain your service quality and brand reputation as sales increase.

A Growth Platform is the infrastructure that both enables efficiency and effectiveness in the outward facing aspects of your company ( Marketing, Sales and Services) as well as coordinating the operational elements inside your growing business. ( Admin, People Management, Workflow Processes) in a unified system.

The challenge faced by many early stage companies is that whilst the headcount consists largely of two or three founders, then anything more sophisticated than a couple of spreadsheets, email and yelling across a small serviced office seems like an unnecessary overhead , both in terms of effort and expense.

The problems arise when growth takes off and more structured business processes need to be shoehorned in to established business habits that were functional, but not scale-able, right at the time when its all hands on deck to cope with market success and on-boarding employees.

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Experienced entrepreneurs know it is best to work within a structured environment from day one, so that the systems they know they will eventually need can be fine tuned and adapted to perfectly map onto their unique business needs and their use is baked into the company culture at its roots.



Then, of course, comes the thorny issue of cost.

If you are preparing for growth, then you are most likely not in profit yet, so every single unnecessary expense needs to be avoided till you can afford it, especially if the systems you need to buy will actually make you less productive in the short term. Spreadsheets and banter are incredibly efficient..... till they are not. 


The growth package you chose should ideally combine functionally rich free capabilities to carry you through the pre-revenue stage with the reassurance that you wont need to change platforms when growth kicks in, and won't tie you into extravagant costs when you activate the premium features.  

It is possible to cobble together a perfectly usable set of capabilities from the free editions of various vendors, but the wise entrepreneurs should ideally look for a single, integrated platform that has broad capabilities across all business functions, is priced to reflect the cashflow characteristics of startups, and doesn't sting you with hefty premium charges when your business takes off.

We've done our research, and the only enterprise proven growth platform that meets all these criteria is Bitrix24.



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We chose to partner with Bitrix 24 in the UK market because we genuinely believe that this remarkable package is a secret gem. 

Despite being incredibly successful ( 8 million subscribers worldwide) for nearly 20 years ( particularly in Eastern Europe ) it has never really had the brand awareness of competitive offerings in Britain. Maybe its the somewhat unmemorable name...or maybe these guys know which markets they can afford to dominate, and the Anglo/American SaaS market is just too expensive to compete in at their incredibly low price point ?. The good news is that English is still the business language of the markets they do focus upon, so everything is there for us Brits, (in English by default) but priced for less developed economies ( and ideal for cash conscious startups ).

Just because this stuff is comparatively cheap, don't think it is lightweight. The Russian energy giant Gazprom uses it ! as do some very large Eastern European companies that you've probably never heard of in the UK. It can be a bit techy and un-intuitive in parts, but that's what why we have done the training certs to help you from our British base - or you could just read the manual ? ( how very last century, I know) 

Anyhow, I strongly suggest you do your research and if you can find any other Growth Platform that will never cost more than a couple of hundred pounds a month, in total for all your users, however large you get and can be usefully used, for free, in the initial stages of your company's growth journey, then let us know and we'll partner with them as well.

Oh, and lastly, if you will want a UK support & services relationship, and the option to purchase your premium features in GBP£ Sterling please use a link from this site to register for your free account.

The Ultimate Growth Platform for Early Stage Companies.

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