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Services for Start Ups

Launching a start up is an exciting and stressful time. A small team has to do everything, from making the product to making the coffee and everything in between - and at some point you are going to have to sell your product.. not only to customers, but also, in many cases, to investors as well.


Most entrepreneurs are driven by a total, all consuming belief that they have the most important innovation since the wheel and that customers will be fighting to get their hands on whatever it is. That's OK. That's the passion you need to be successful... but... having the best " mouse trap" is only a small part of the journey. 


PPP has worked with many early stage companies and have experienced first hand the most effective ways of navigating the inevitable hurdles that await you on your path. 


If you are a pre-revenue start up, here is an offer you can't refuse. PPP will deliver our  " Sanity Check" business analysis service absolutely free in return for letting us introduce to you some of the other "paid for" services you might need in the future.


We can't say fairer than that !     Contact us now with the subject "Start Up Santity Check"