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Financial Projections-

Presenting your business for investment

AKA " Trust me, Rodney, This time next year we'll all be millionaires"

I know that you know that you've just invented the greatest widget that the world has ever known and it's perfectly obvious that, not only will the world be a better place as a result of your genius, but everyone involved (and especially you) will be swimming in cash in a few short years. You just need a few quid to get this money machine rolling.

So, you look for financial investment. There's plenty of places to get finance these days, not just banks, but crowd funding and angel investors, not to mention private equity funds and investment clubs. These guys seem to be pretty keen to fill your bank account with cash, why else would they be spending so much time and effort creating web sites and incubator programmes and sending you spam emails about how easy they are to work with and how large their funding pots are ?


There's a reason why investors have to try so hard to give start up's money, it's because they meet so many plonkers (like you?), who are delusionally obsessed with their idea but haven't given a moment's thought, other than as  fevered fantasy, as to how that idea performs as a business. They have to trawl through hundreds of star-struck wannabe entrepreneurs to find a single solid and grounded business person who can take a good idea and build it into a successful and sustainable business that will return them a significant yield from their investment.

Hot Tip -
The next big thing is a tin of beans 
Shhh ! Our Secret, we are under NDA aren't we ??

Well it's probably not a bean tin, obviously...but it might as well be as far as an investor is concerned. Look, I'm not saying your idea/product/service isn't important, it is, after all, the bedrock of the business you are building, but it's nowhere near as singularly important as you probably think it is. It's certainly not the sole criteria upon which an investment decision is made. Investors are primarily investing in you. Let's face it, there have been some pretty average ideas that have made fortunes and many seemingly inspired inventions that haven't, and a great many businesses that started out doing one thing and, through the right management expertise,found their greatest success in another.

One of the key factors that they will be judging you on is how well you know your market, and how readily you can adapt your proposition to resonate with different audiences. Well, this audience is different to most others you will pitch to, they are not looking to buy your product but to buy into your revenue stream ! You need to know them as well, if not better than the people who might buy your product and you need to pitch to them in their terms i.e financial !

So, How can Growth Hacker Dot Marketing Help ?

Well we can't stop you being a plonker :-)

But we can sure help to stop you looking like one

in front of an investment panel!

We are delighted to have secured the expertise of a reformed and semi retired ex city analyst who can work with you to build a financial projection for your business that is presented in exactly the way an investor needs to see it and can mentor you through the presentation of this information in terms that make you stand out from all the other applicants for investment as a reliable business person with a great idea rather than just a plonker with a dream. 

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