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+ You get all this as well.

A complete company collaboration platform with every additional element fully integrated

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          The best FREE CRM  deal on the market today. Fully customisable fields and unlimited users.

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Growth Hackers love a bargain, and when we discovered what Bitrix24 does for FREE we not only adopted it ourselves but we also invested in a partnership with Bitrix. If you want to sign up yourselves please use this link so we become your Bitrix24 Partner and can help you get the best from this amazing SaaS product. 

The Freemium Trap


I'm sure you appreciate that this incredible software platform is only offering the best free growth platform deal in order to eventually get you to pay for the premium features.

Hey, we are all in business and expect to pay for value ( eventually)!


So, how painful is the Freemium Trap with Bitrix24 ?

Well, we've looked at the competition and Bitrix24 stacks up extremely well against the other free CRMs you might be considering. 


The first thing to note is that the Bitrix24 pricing model is slightly different to most vendors. They do not charge a per user subscription but rather have a total user cap on each edition with an unlimited user option on the free and fully featured versions.

The downside to this is that if, for example the user cap is 12 yet you only have 6 users, the price is no different. The good news is that the equivalent per user price remains highly competitive even if you are not using all your seats (and, lets face it, the only reason you are using this software is to grow your business, so the spare seats will be needed soon )

For comparative purposes lets look at the non-discounted, pay monthly, total monthly costs for 5, 10, 50 and 100 users of the most popular / vendor recommended versions of the top 5 alternative CRMs with a genuinely Free CRM ( not including vendors only offering time limited free trials)

With every other vendor your costs grow with your user count - The sky's the limit.

Only Bitrix24 has a price cap of £183/month* for unlimited users accessing all the features.

Contact us to find out how to reduce even this incredibly low cost even further !



  • 5 Users    £410

  • 10 Users  £820

  • 50 Users  £4100

  • 100 Users £8200

Free limits 3x field customisations

Engagebay Growth Edition

  • 5 Users     £185

  • 10 Users   £370

  • 50 Users   £1850

  • 100 Users £3700

Free limit:1000 contacts


Teams Edition

  • 5 Users     £120

  • 10 Users   £240

  • 50 Users   £1200

  • 100 Users £2400

Free Limit: 2 Users / 250 contacts

Insightly Professional

  • 5 Users    £185

  • 10 Users  £370

  • 50 Users  £1850

  • 100 Users £3750

Free Limit : 2 Users


Standard Edition

  • 5 Users     £70

  • 10 Users   £140

  • 50 Users   £700

  • 100 Users £1400

Free Limit 3 Users

Standard / Professional Editions
  • 5 Users       £91

  • 10 Users     £91

  • 50 Users     £91

  • 100 Users   £183

  • Unlimited   £183

Note* Prices are based in UK£ equivalents of UD$ pricing at Jan 2021 price list and exchange rates

February 2022 - In view of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine we have decided to suspend our partnership with Bitrix Inc in solidarity with all human beings from any and every country, including Russians, that reject military aggression as a means of pursuing political ambitions. We will continue to provide technical assistance to current Bitrix24 users in the UK but will no longer be promoting the platform to new customers.

Our engineers are actively developing an alternative bundle of integrated, best of breed, products as an option for new and existing customers.


 Please use the contact form to let us know if you would like to be kept informed of our progress, and / or help us with beta testing the new platform.